At Align Industries, we develop and offer services to consumers and prosumers in need of quick, technically sound projects that guarantee quality. We specialize in mobile software development from everything from reference tools to fully fledged games. We have even provided CAD and graphic design services. 

We have a large experience dealing with code and script as demonstrated in our sample apps and games. Our newest game,
Train Run 2 is out soon, that replaces the first Train Run that claimed the charts in Portugal which now contains newer features that showcase what we can implement for you, i.e. In-App Purchases and Game Center
Achievements. We can even push iAds to your game or app.
We offer services to help individuals and companies release their applications to the world. We publish to Google Android and Apple's App Store, but we ask that you already own a developer profile for either or both before contacting us. If you wish to hire us please contact us at with the subject 'Services' and telling us about your ideas and your budget. Our rates are very competitive, but added bonus features for example publishing to both platforms as well requiring constant content updates via In-App Purchases or otherwise will cost more. We can provide a range of open source graphics, but if you wish for custom artwork, we can provide it for a small price. All music produced will be produced in-house and will be unique to your application and is complementary. Sound effects are open source however. We do not provide custom sound effects, however you may provide us with some. All custom effects and graphics will not be released anywhere and will not be used in any production, commercial or otherwise. We are not taking accepting CAD support or services at this moment.

We make apps, but the real magic happens when you mix us with movies.


We make short films all the time to a massive quality and all very quickly. We work with Apple's Final Cut Pro, Adobe's awesome After Effects and Video Copilot's legendary plugins. We are currently in the process of moving our filming sector to another location so we are not yet accepting any requests for services for filming, editing or script writing, however you can still browse our extensive resources in the member area that includes full exclusive scripts to buy as well as plugins for popular software.

Latest Production- STATE

December 2011- Screenshot- first iteration of title card.